Story of Mecseknádasd:

The town is one of the two Nádas villages mentioned in the foundation letter of Pécsvárad abbey, which was transferred to the Benedictines from St. Stephen's possession. Keeping the memory of the royal estate the Romanesque Chapel of St. Stephen, Réka castle, Saint Margaret of Scotland tradition are standing in the bend of road 6.

After the Turkish occupation, settlers arrived to Nádasd from the Rhine form Hessen providence, from Alsace-Lorraine and from Stájer in 1781. After World War II, 200 families, about 1,000 persons were evacuated to Germany. In 2001, only 39.5% of the population identified themselves as Germans.

The core of the village was by the medieval Chapel of St. Stephen. Here were the houses of the first German settlers. The village is famous from the three vineyards stretching to follow the order of the village houses, also today excellent wines are aged in the cellars.

After the conquest the popular estate of the Bishop of Pécs was named Püspöknádasd until 1950.


Points of interest:

Bishop's Castle
German National House in the Gungl's tavern building
Schlossberg or Ruins of Reka Castle
Chapel of St. Stephen
Our Lad of Snows Chapel or Sorrows Chapel and Calvary