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Walking in the beautiful valley of the Eastern Mecsek
Distance: 16 km
Altitude: 400 m
Recommended period: all year round

Mecseknádasd (országút) – Óbánya – – Kisújbánya – – Hárstető – Pusztabánya – – Takanyó-völgy – Zobákpuszta

Mecseknádasd: Árpád Age settlement, German-speaking population moved into in the eighteenth century.
-St. Stephen's Chapel, XIII. century walls, XIV. century Gothic frescoes
-German National House- Pre-booking essential
-Baroque Roman Catholic church
-memorial cross of Saint Margaret of Scotland, above in the castle on the hill St. Margaret of Scotland born in 1046. Located at the entrance of the Réka Valley

Stein-mill: was one of the 27 water mills working between Mecseknádasd and Óbánya at the beginning of the century. Óbánya was founded by Germans, a one-street village. Known for its pottery: pottery exhibit and local history collection (70 Main Street). The valley of Óbánya is one of the unique valleys in eastern Mecsek, next to Hidas valley with small stream and cool sources (Elderberry funds).

Dripping rock: is located in the Óbánya Valley next to the Leaning Falls. The mossy, on the wet rocks calc-tuff formations are visible with permanent water dripping.

Reka Valley: legend has it that it was named after the wife of Attila the Hun king. The old (Fisher) stream is trickling in the valley and is united with the Óbánya stream by the Stein-mill.

Reka castle ruins: the birthplace of Saint Margaret of Scotland, St Stephen's granddaughter.

Kisújbánya: a small village nestled in a valley. Established by Germans, a glassworks worked here. The houses are scattered throughout the side of the valley, surrounded by a large gardens.

Pusztabánya: in the 18th century, the village had 200 inhabitants, glassworkers were living there. The restored glassworks is open for visitors.

Zobákpuszta: is small town by the foothills of the Trinity Mountain, administratively belongs to Komló.


Eastern Mecsek bike tour with the recommendation of the site

Tour length: 74 km
Difficulty: Difficult
Terrain: Mountains, 95% asphalt
Elevation: 1674 m
Landscape: Mecsek

The bike tour starts from the belfry in Püspökszentlászlón. We leave the town to the north. We turn right by Dióskút junction to a forest road, and we ride this toward Pécsvárad. By the 2/3 part of the road we meet the green cross sign, and we follow this up to the castle.

We leave the city on the Vár street-Kossuth Lajos street-Rákóczi Ferenc street line. We driving over the junction of highway 6, and driving essentially parallel to the main road on the way towards Zengővárkony . We only wave to Várkony from afar we do not pass it. Soon our path crosses highway 6 and now on the other side of the road we ride towards Mecseknádasd. After the tower we neatly ride on highway 6 until we achieve Mecseknádasd.

We leave Mecseknádasd by following the green tourist sign after the Árpád age church on the edge of the town. The green sign leaves the asphalt road at a junction, but we will continue on the road now on the blue tourist sign. After Óbánya we are running out of asphalt road, so we achieve Kisújbánya on the blue sign on a dirt road. After the city we follow the blue sign on the asphalt road.

Soon we reach a junction. Here the blue sign continues straight on a dirt road. However, we will turn to the right and continue on the asphalt road.

At the Máré spring the yellow cross sign crosses our path. On the left side we can see a chalet and a car park. If we want we can ride up on the yellow cross sign to the Máré castle, and then the same way back to the car park. (If you like castles it is definitely worth it.) If you do not want, than continue on this road until Várvölgy camping.

At the campsite we arrive to a T junction. Here we turn to the left and  continue riding toward Komló through Zobákpuszta and Gesztenyés.

We driving through Komló on Kossuth street-Pécs street-Sallai Imre street and riding to Budafa. After the town on the right side of road 66 we found a bike road marked with red bike sign. We ride on this until Árpádtető. Here we go on road 66 until we found a road with the green tourist sign, and with a left turn we continue on this.

Ride on the asphalt road we can get close to Zobákpuszta. Meanwhile, we can admire the signs of mining all the way. (Béta mines, stone mines) We do not go through Zobákpuszta. Before Zobákpuszta we take sharp a right turn on another asphalt road and we continue toward to the direction of Hosszúhetény.

From Hetény Püspökszentlászló is not far away. The green squares sign takes us right there. Thus, after following loose upward we arrive at the settlement.



Püspökszentlászló castle conquer bike tour with the recommendation of the site

Tour length: 39 km
Difficulty: Medium
Terrain: Mountains

The bike tour starts from the belfry in Püspökszentlászlón. We ride through the village to the south following the green square sign.

The first stop of our journey will be Hosszúhetény. From here we move on to the yellow triangle sign on a dirt road. At the foot of the Szőlőhegy the yellow triangle sign turns to the left, but we go further along on the dirt road to Pécsvárad to the first castle.

From the castle of Pécsvárad we continue on the Kossuth street-Kálvin street-Temető street on the blue cross sign until Zengővárkony. From here we follow the blue cross sign until it is not connected to the blue. From here follow the line of the old highway 6 riding toward next to the tower, until we reach highway 6, in which we roll into Mecseknádasd.

We reach the settlement at the Árpád age church. Here we find the red tourist sign, we continue on this through Nádasd to the castle of Nádasd. (This is our second castle.)

In the same way we ride back to the church. Where can we find the green tourist sign, which goes together with the red sign for a while. Following the green we reach a junction, where we turn left and following now a dirt road we ride up to our third castle, the Réka castle.

From the castle we go back to the asphalt road on the green sign. Here we ride on by follow the red cross sign through the Réka valley. The dirt road continues in the Bodzás valley on the blue square sign.

At Zengőkő we reach the asphalt road and we turn right. Soon from the left hand side a dirt road climbs up the mountain with yellow sign. Continue on this we achieve the last castle of our tour the Zengő castle.

Going backwards on the yellow sign we reach Püspökszentlászló, where our bike tour ends.